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Pet Rehabilitation
in madrid

What is a pet rehabilitation centre?

A rehabilitation centre is not an animal clinic.

We are vets who are very interested in your pets being successfully healed.

Many times when the animals leave their veterinary clinic we must continue with the treatment at home and sometimes this brings many problems, relapses, infections, which are completely undesirable.

We do not act like a hospital; we only accept animals that have already been discharged by your veterinary centre.


How will we help your pet?

Our veterinary supervision and application of the treatments sent by your vet will increase the chances of a perfect cure.

We can give them their pills, drops or injections, as well as change bandages professionally, heal, control their temperature or give them special diets, while maintaining direct contact with your vet by informing them of how your pet is improving or any change we observe.

It is essential that the animals are sent by your vet. Give us a call and we will inform you of everything required.

Our facilities are completely equipped to keep your animal in optimal conditions of cleanliness, rest and observation during their stay.

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A few meters from Calle de Alcalá (near number 250), next to Calero park.
Just 200 m from the El Carmen metro station (line 5). Buses 21, 48 and 146. On Calle Virgen de Lluc 16, 28027. (Not to be confused with a nearby veterinary clinic)
Area of Ventas, Barrio de la Concepción, Ciudad Lineal. Near the mosque and funeral parlour on the M30
500m from the M30.
As you can see, very well located, close to you!

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    Where we are? Parque Calero, Virgen del Lluc, 16b, 28027 Madrid 662 222 722

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