Feline Daycare in Madrid

If you have a trip scheduled, either with friends or on business, you will want to leave your cat with company and someone to provide the care it needs. In our cat residence and cat hotel you will have everything you need. Specialized caregivers and veterinarians who will watch over them to give them the love and companionship they need.

Cat daycare by hours

In Madrid life is very complex. And sometimes we need a little help to run an errand or go somewhere. In our day care center for cats you can leave your feline companions with the peace of mind that they will be well cared for, the best care, and the best food and litter.

In our cat day care, the catteries are huge and have been specially designed for them.

Our prices

Here you can check the prices of our dog daycare in Madrid. You will be able to see the price per hours as well as for single days. We also have monthly vouchers, if you want us to take care of your pet every day while you are at work.

Cat sitters

A space designed so that he is always comfortable and can play in peace.

The time you need

We adapt to your needs. We have prices for hours and single days.

Cat transport service

We have a pick up and transport service for pets in Madrid city center.

Prices by hours

Full day prices

Offers & Vouchers

* The vouchers will be valid for 40 days from the date of purchase.

Cat day residence in Madrid

It is normal that, living in a city like Madrid, you have an emergency or commitment that makes you have to leave your cats alone at home. This is something that nobody likes, because everyone always wants to be able to give company to their pets. If this is your case, you should try AnimalSolucion’s cat daycare in Madrid.

You can leave your cat with us for a few hours or even all day. It will be in our facilities as long as you need. They will always be cared for and watched over. Our caregivers walk around the cages and catteries to keep an eye on them and be attentive to everything they need.

If you are looking for a kennel service, we also have everything you need to take care of your pet for as long as you need. You can bring it to our cat daycare in Madrid and we will take care of the transfer to our animal farm in the outskirts. So you can enjoy the countryside and the tranquility that we will provide there.

Animal solución is only active from Monday to Friday. On weekends we close until we have a sufficient volume of stays to be profitable to be open on holidays. All animals that come for a stay longer than Friday will be housed at Granja la Luna until Monday.

Come see us

We also have everything you need to take care of your pet for as long as you need. You can bring it to our cat daycare in Madrid and we will take care of the transfer to our animal farm in the outskirts. So you can enjoy the countryside and the tranquility that we will provide there.

Other services

In addition to facilities designed for your dog to spend a great day in our daycare, we also have other services that you can request for her if you wish.

Cat groomer

If you want to pick up your pet bathed and with a beautiful haircut we have a tailor-made service. A specialist dog groomer will be in charge of leaving it as good as new. We will treat your friend with love during the haircut and bath to make it a pleasant moment, we know how to reassure any animal!

Animal Residence

Having to make a trip and not being able to take your faithful companion with you is something that nobody likes. If unfortunately this happens to you and you want to be sure that your pet will be well cared for, you have to bring it with us. One of our assistants will take note of all your indications to give him the best treatment the time you have to be absent.

Animal Psycholgy

Sometimes animals suffer episodes of illness that are not physical, but show clear symptoms of discomfort. This can be episodes of stress, anxiety, depression or psychological pregnancies. At these times it is necessary to have the help of a professional specialized in animal psychology. They will guide you through the process to help your pet recover as soon as possible.

Best cat residence in Madrid

The cat residence and day care center is located just a few meters from Calle de Alcalá (at number 250), next to Calero Park. Just 200 meters away you will find the El Carmen subway station (line 5) and bus stops for bus lines 21, 48 and 146.

Facilities and catteries of the daycare

In our cat nursery your feline companion will have everything he needs to be comfortable and have a great time. They have large cages where they can play with other cats if they want, but they will always have a shelter box where they can be alone without anyone bothering them. In our facilities we control the temperature, so that they are always comfortable, both with the heat of the summer and the cold in winter.

Toys and structures in the cat hotel

In the catteries and shelters, each cat will have large structures available for climbing, climbing and exploring. They will be able to see everything from above and be constantly on the move. They need an environment rich in stimuli.

What we want is for your cat to have a fun and entertaining time. That is why we will always try to make them go out to play with our veterinary assistants and cat sitters. We will prevent them from being left alone in a boring apartment, where very little happens during the day. They will be able to see their neighbors, without being disturbed. Your time here will leave you with experiences and memories that will give you balance.

Special care for cats

During all the time they stay in our cat day care center in Madrid, we will be attentive to pamper them if they are looking for affection or leave them to play with balls, strings and other special toys for cats that we have available.

Specific food for felines

A rich and varied food. We use only the best quality food for all our guests. We will follow your feeding instructions, in addition to any recommendations our veterinarians may make.

Hygiene in the cattery

In each of the catteries you will always have clean, high quality litter. There they will be able to do everything they need, always comfortable. We carry out an exhaustive cleaning of all the catteries on a daily basis so that they are always in optimal conditions for all the cats.

User FAQs

At animalsolution cat day care we have prices for single hours, full days or half days, as well as 5-day vouchers or vouchers for a full month stay. The care of your cat for single hours costs from 2€ per hour. In case you want a longer stay, do not hesitate to contact us by phone so we can answer all your questions.

We know how playful cats can be, and that is why we have prepared all kinds of toys with which they can entertain themselves. We have ropes for them to climb or scratch on, surfaces to rub themselves on, platforms to climb on and then walk on the heights, …

If you want to check it out, you can arrange your visit to our facilities by calling our offices.

For the day care service we do not offer home pick up. It is necessary that you come to bring him/her to our day care center in Madrid. We are really centrally located and well communicated, so you won’t have any problem. For the kennel service (longer stays) we can send a special dog transport to your home. From there they will take care of transporting your dog quickly and safely to our facilities.

If your cat needs special care, we can take care of it during his stay in our day care or cat hotel. We will need you to provide us with any medicines or food that may be necessary. We will also ask you for instructions on how to make it as comfortable as possible for your pet.

It is not mandatory for cats to be vaccinated against rabies (but it is recommended). The new law of animal protection of the community of Madrid requires it.

It is obligatory that they have Microchip. The new law of animal protection of the community of Madrid does require it. Cats must be vaccinated against the most common diseases (Trivalent and feline leukemia).

To make a reservation at our cat daycare in Madrid we need a series of documents to ensure security and transparency in the process. You must provide us with the owner’s ID card, current address, your cat’s passport or ID card, the chip and two contact telephone numbers so we can let you know how your pet is doing at all times.

If you want to come to see the facilities of our day care center or the feline residence in Madrid, just let us know by phone. This way we will be able to tell you the best times to come and you will always be taken care of. One of our caregivers will show you the facilities and you will be able to see for yourself how happy your cat will be when he/she comes to play with us.

To reserve a place for your cat in our cat daycare in Madrid, the best option is to do it by phone by calling +34 662 22 27 27 22. Our agents will ask you all the necessary information in the same call and confirm the reservation of the space for your pet.

You can also do it through an email, but we will always have to confirm it in a call for security reasons. You can do it through our website or by phone. All stays must be confirmed by phone, so the fastest and most convenient way for you is . From there we will ask you for your details and manage your reservation.

All the facilities of our daycare and residence for cats in Madrid have been designed taking into account the nature and behavior of this animal. The catteries are spacious and have individual and shared spaces in case they want to socialize and play with other companions. They have all kinds of ropes, catwalks and platforms to jump and climb on. So your cat will always be entertained and having fun while he is with us.

At animalsolución we know that each animal is very different and has specific needs. For that reason, we have the possibility that when they come to our nursery they can be in shared spaces with other feline friends or in an individual space where they can be calm and play on their own.

Our caregivers will be watching them at all times to see if they might like one option or the other. This will ensure that they are calm, comfortable and relaxed at all times.

Due to the current situation, we have adopted a policy of extreme hygiene in all our facilities. Therefore we disinfect and clean the cells thoroughly on a daily basis. We do the same with all the cat toys and their feeders. This way we guarantee the safety of all the animals and caregivers that are in our facilities.

At present, the service of our cat day care center in Madrid is only on Wednesdays. We are open from 9:00 to 15:00 and from 16:00 to 18.00 in our offices in Madrid. The rest of the days we continue attending to the rest of the pets in the facilities of our feline residence.

In our kennel or cattery we do not charge any kind of deposit or payment in advance at the time of booking. In case you want to cancel the service, you can do it without any extra charge, just by calling us.