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Pet Groomer
in Madrid

We have a dog grooming service as well as a cat grooming service in Madrid. In our facilities we perform haircuts and baths to all kinds of pets and companion animals.

We have everything you need to make your pet have a good time. We know how to deal with all kinds of animals, so we will make you feel comfortable and calm at all times. What we want is for him to have a good time while we leave him completely clean and groomed.

Corte de pelo para perros y mascotas en Madrid

Prices for Pet Grooming

Prices for dog bath

Below you can see what are the prices of a bath for your pet. Choose the one you want depending on the type of hair and its size.

Short hair bath -10kg18-20€
Short hair bath 10-20Kg25-30€
Short hair bath >40Kg35-40€
Long hair bath -10kg20-23€
Long hair bath 10-20kg23-26€
Long hair bath 20-40kg28-35€
Long hair bath >40kg35-45€

Prices for Dog Haircut

Here you can see how much a dog groomer costs. Check the price of a dog haircut in our grooming salon depending on the size of your pet.

Machine haircut -10kg27-30€
Machine haircut 10-20kg30-45€
Machine haircut 20-40kg50€
Machine haircut >40kgAsk Us
Scissors haircut -10kg 30-40€
Scissors haircut 10-20kg40-45€
Scissors haircut 20-40kg50-60€
Stripping from 38€

Hairdressing and Grooming for cats and other pets

If you have a cat, rabbit or other pet and you want us to cut its hair, you can bring it without problems. If you do not know if that breed can be cut, we will advise you.

Cat Machine Haircut  From 30€
Rabbit Machine HaircutFrom 30€
Scissors Haircut for Cats or Rabbits
From 35€

Hairdresser for all types of pets

In AnimalSolucion Madrid we have hairdressing service adapted for pets and domestic animals of all kinds. If you have doubts about whether it is advisable to cut your pet’s hair, call us and we will solve your doubts.

There may be price variations if extra work is required.

Try to always book first your appointment calling 662 22 27 22

Professional dog grooming service in madrid

They don’t just need a “haircut”. In our center we can offer you more. Change their image!

You don’t have to go on all your life with the same style. Talk to the pet groomers at Animal Solución Madrid. We can advise you on how to make him more handsome.

Why cut your dog’s hair?

They like to show off too. A nice look makes them more attractive to you and others. And how nice it is to pet them with a clean, silky, knot-free coat.

Shorthairs need to shed the undercoat, and a brushing to remove dead hair. Also, you always need to touch up some loose hair to look nice. It’s not expensive!

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Feline Grooming or Cat Grooming

Many people think that cats do not need a haircut. It is true that for some breeds it is advisable not to do it or it can be dangerous, but for most of them it is a hygienic job that should be done at least twice a year. Cats have a very thick and silky hair. Therefore, to cut a cat’s hair, special blades and scissors are needed. Hair knots should be avoided, as well as hair that is stained by urine, feces and litter.

How to cut a cat’s hair

There are many cats that let us do it, and it is a marvel to handle them. We always try to do it this way, and take our time, so they don’t get upset or tired.

Other times, the groomers need help and it has to be done between two people. And the most “difficult” ones, a good solution is to sedate or tranquilize them, not to anesthetize them. Always under the supervision of a veterinarian. For them it is necessary to talk about it first. It is always good to leave a little more hair on the head and tail. This haircut will give your cat a funny and distinguished touch.

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6 reasons why you should
to visit our dog grooming salon

Trimming your dog’s or pet’s hair at the right time will mean that you will have to clean up much less hair at home.
If your dog, cat or pet has short hair, you will save a lot of time brushing. You will see how less knots and tangles form.
Giving your pet a haircut at the right frequency improves the health of your pet’s skin. This is an essential factor in preventing the onset of disease.

Many times in the bath or hairdresser, skin problems, even hidden organic ones, are discovered.
Our hairdressing services include nail trimming, ear cleaning, tear duct cleaning and anal gland emptying.
They visit the hairdresser’s for a bath and cut at least every two or three months. They live with us, they even share a sofa…

Pet baths in Madrid

A relaxing bath with warm or hot water. Rubbing their whole body with expert hands, gives them great pleasure and relaxes them. You can see in their eyes that they are at ease. We use shampoos, conditioners and masks that leave them with perfect hair. Silky, soft and shiny. With natural aromas pleasant to them and to us.

They are products made in Spain. They do not contain salt, silicones or sulfates. To avoid allergic reactions. They have ISO and AENOR certifications, are vegan, halal and not tested on animals. This gives us guarantee and peace of mind, avoiding the problems of bulk products, imported and cheap, always the best for them!

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You can find our dog and pet grooming salon at Calle Virgen de Lluc 16, 28027.
Zona de Ventas, Barrio de la Concepción. This is in the neighborhood of Ciudad Lineal.

The facilities where we perform all haircuts and pet baths are located a few meters from C/ de Alcalá (height of number 250), next to the park “Calero”.
Less than 200 m away you will also find the El Carmen subway station (line 5). Buses 21, 48 and 146.

500m from the M-30. As you can see, very well located, close to you!

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