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Dog day care
in Madrid

Dog Daycare for Hours

The dog daycare service is perfect for those who can’t leave their dogs with them during the day. If you work or have to run some business, you can leave your faithful partner with us for as many hours as you need. We will take care of him, make him play and have fun while he is with us. So he will receive you relaxed, happy and eager to see you.

Dog kennel for days

In our kennel in Madrid we have designed the facilities thinking in the comfort of the dogs during stays of several days or weeks. We will take care of them, watch over them and feed them according to your instructions. So you can enjoy your vacation or attend that business trip you need with the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is well cared for.


Dog Hotel and Residence in Madrid

In these times in which the clock is ticking very fast, suddenly we find our pet looking at us with his sweet little eyes and asking us “and now what are you going to do with me?

Why not leave him in a hotel designed for dogs? Specially designed for his care, attended by professionals, with good food, comfortable beds, where he can be entertained with other friends and games and thus avoid the monotony and the hours inside an apartment become endless. doesn’t this give you more confidence?

Your dog also needs to get out of the house. Go out to the park, and learn new things from their caregivers and companions, see the sun and have new experiences!

Professional Pet Sitters in Madrid

The whole facility is very spacious and very clean so they can see everything that is going on like on the terrace of a hotel. A kennel or daycare is like a dog park, where they can interact and socialize with other dogs, improving their character. We will be with them during their learning process to teach them how to behave in our world and be happy.

We can separate them by character, size and breed. We are prepared to give them any medication or diet they need. Don’t worry because we are qualified professionals. Many professionals, trainers, dog groomers, veterinary clinics and veterinarians and veterinary assistants themselves recommend us and even leave us their own animals.

Each dog is a different case, contact us by mail or call us and tell us how yours is and everything you need in detail. We have 25 years of experience taking care of all kinds of animals and pets with great success.

Additional services in our dog day care center

In addition to facilities designed for your dog to spend a great day in our daycare kennel, we also have other services that you can request for her if you wish.

Dog grooming in Madrid

If you want to pick up your pet bathed and with a beautiful haircut we have the service to measure. A specialist dog groomer will take care of leaving it as good as new. We will treat your friend with love during the haircut and bath to make it a pleasant moment, we know how to reassure any animal!

Stance in our dog hotel for days, weeks or months

Having to take a trip and not being able to take your faithful companion with you is something that nobody likes. If unfortunately this happens to you and you want to be sure that your pet will be well cared for, you have to bring it with us. One of our assistants will take note of all your indications to give him the best treatment the time you have to be absent.

Psychologist for dogs

Sometimes dogs suffer episodes of illnesses that are not physical, but show clear symptoms of discomfort. This can be episodes of stress, anxiety, depression or psychological pregnancies. In these moments it is necessary to have the help of a professional specialized in animal psychology. They will guide you through the process to help your pet recover as soon as possible.

Facilities of our Dog Residence and
Daycare center in Madrid

We have large common areas where they can go out, play and run and even interact with other dogs with whom they get along well.

But if they do not get along well with other dogs or are afraid of them or simply do not want to interact with other dogs, we have it all thought out. We have large sections specially designed for them to see everything that happens around them without disturbing them with the utmost safety and comfort. You have to come and meet us! We will be happy to explain how we work.

We can walk them in the Calero park, right in front of our premises, with a huge dog park where you can run as you please! Our kennel includes walks in the park.

The short or long stay here enriches their time and improves their behavior, socialization and balance. In this way we break their monotony creating pleasant memories for when they have to be left alone.

We are located very close to the M-30, at the height of the bridge of Ventas, 200m from the street Alcalá height metro El Carmen, very well connected on the way to the airport.

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You can find our dog daycare at Calle Virgen de Lluc 16, 28027.
Zona de Ventas, Barrio de la Concepción, Ciudad Lineal.

A few meters from Calle de Alcalá (height of number 250), next to Calero Park.
Just 200 meters from the mouth of the Metro El Carmen (line 5). Buses 21, 48 and 146.

A 500m from the M-30.
As you can see, very well located, close to you!

At 500m from the M-30.

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