Animal Solución Madrid

Residence for Pets in Madrid

Do you have an unforeseen event and you have to leave your pet alone? Do you need a pet sitter by the hour in Madrid? In our animal residence we will give the best stay and care to your pet.

Pet residence in Madrid

Service by hours or by days

You know your pet wouldn’t leave you alone for a moment. That’s why you don’t want to leave her without company either. You want your pet to be cared for and looked after in our animal daycare during the hours or days that you can’t be by his or her side.

If you have a momentary emergency, you can bring your pet to our animal daycare for as many hours as you need. If you must be separated from him for a few days, in our animal residence in Madrid he will always be under constant supervision and with professionals who will make sure that he lacks nothing. Animal Solución is a residence for animals where we provide the best pet care in Madrid.
We are waiting for you!

Kennel for dogs and pets

We have Animal Day Care service and pet hotel or residence (for dogs, cats and exotic animals). We will treat them to make them feel at home until you can come back for them. We have spaces adapted to the needs of each one of them, call us!

Animal residence in Madrid

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In our animal residence we have a dog daycare service. Caretakers and educators specialized in dogs will take care of your pet as long as you need.

Your animals can be in our residence all day or for a few hours. You can do your business while your pet enjoys a break.

servicio de guarderia para gatos en madrid

If you have a cat and you don’t want to leave it alone at home, you can come to our hotel for pets and domestic animals. We have daycare service for cats in the center of Madrid.

Whether it is for a few hours or for a stay of several days. Our veterinarians and caregivers will be attentive to everything they need.


We have day care service for exotic animals in Madrid. From rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents to the most exotic birds. We have room and specialized caregivers for all of them.

They will also have adapted spaces and specific toys for each one. Call us and find out all the details of how we take care of exotic animals.

Even more for your pet


In our animal residence, the beauty, aesthetics and hygiene of pets is something essential and that we take care of in detail. They need expert and professional hands to be radiant. Here you will have the best professional pet groomers at your service.

They will pamper them as they deserve. In no time your pet will be completely groomed and clean.

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Educating a pet in the right way is not an easy task. It is possible that we have had small mistakes that at a certain age become complicated and make the relationship with any animal at home more complicated.

Living in a house is a completely artificial environment for a pet. In our kennel in Madrid we have professional educators to teach you to understand your pet and strengthen your relationship.

Other services

Here are some of the additional services for pets that we offer in our animal center. From home pick-ups to special care. If you have any further questions, you can always call our office, we will be happy to help you!

Pet transport service

If you wish, a professional driver will pick up your pet at your home to bring it to our kennel in Madrid. We have all the equipment and means to move it, whatever the animal is. We know that the car trip can be a stressful time for some pets and that is why we have all the perfect tools and vehicles fully equipped for animal transportation. We know how to take care of your pet so that it is always calm.

The trip will be quick and smooth for your pet. Once they arrive at the kennel, we will take care of all the care they need until you can come back for them.

Professional pet sitters

The assistants and caregivers who work in the team of our hotel for animals in Madrid stand out for their love and dedication to the care of the animals. They have a great sensitivity to understand all the pets that come to our animal residence. They enjoy every moment by their side providing them with the love and attention they need.

They will be attentive to feed them at the right time and give them the best quality food, we will ask you what they like! You will always make sure they are happy and feel cared for and relaxed. When you return, they will be eager to see you, but they will have had a good time playing in our nursery with other friends or with our toys.

Opinions of our animal residence

What our customers say

Here you can see some of the opinions left by our customers after having tried our care products.

Great service, great professionals

Leticia Ingelmo

I have been using them for 2 years every time I have to run errands and I can't leave my dog alone.

Pedro PM

She took wonderful care of our dog. He kept us informed at all times.

Silvia Canencia